What Paleo means to us.

An Aside

While we encourage you to check out the About Us page (er, when it's finished), this post will serve to help establish a basis by which to understand us and our views related to "being Paleo" and to understand our philosophies, methodologies, etc. of living, learning and communicating.

We will say it again but let it be stated that we are not nor attempt to appear as a doctor (as understood in Western medicine) or a scientist or any accredited health professional. Our writing will be based on observations, self-experimentation, personal research and the writings and research conducted by others (including those that fall in the aforementioned categories).

Finally, we reserve the right to change our minds and encourage others to question what is brought before them (either by us or by others).  Just as our quest began as a way to improve our health by changing our food (and therefore minds), our quest will continue with such a process and may lead us to uncomfortable crossroads at which we will again be required to change our preconceived notions.   

Let Us Begin....

As it has recently come into vogue, the usage of the word "Paleo" may have for different people a different meaning or significance.  However, it is generally understood by most to refer to a typical diet (or food lifestyle) that can be synonymized as "The Hunter/ Gatherer Diet" or "The Caveman Diet" of which we believe there to be a standard connotation; the exclusion of certain foods (processed foods, sweeteners, grains, dairy, legumes) and the front loading of others (meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits).  We are not here to disagree nor attempt to debate the myriad facets of what this diet may and may not include.  We'll save that for another post.

Our 3 Quick Rules for becoming Paleo (with food)

1) Eliminate non-foods from your diet.

2) Discover what real foods your body can handle and need.

3) Find the cleanest source of these foods.

....and that's it.  For now.  As mentioned, we may delve deeper into the fundamentals of Paleo food but for now that's all we want to say about it.


Now, the fun part.  

Sure, everyone has his or her own definition of Paleo and some will even engage in vehement conversation over what foods are and are not "Paleo".   To us, that is already a room filled with loud voices and we don't need to scream over top.  Instead, we want to open a new door to another room, one where "Paleo" is no longer defined solely by the food that we eat but encompasses broader strokes pertaining to the ways in which we live. 

A brief history (of owner, Tony) .... my own personal journey into Paleo began roughly 6 years ago (circa 2008) when a friend introduced me to the writings of Mark Sisson via Mark's Daily Apple.  While it would take me nearly a year before officially beginning Primal (a term I feel better describes me but lacks certain "SEO power") I have continually made improvements since then.  Like others, I began with copious research as I sought to understand the details of every food item and why it was or was not Primal (i.e. allowed).  

Over the next few years I continued to make my dietary transitions, embedding them into my mind until they became as natural those habits they had replaced.  In short; firstly I removed my worst offenders (breakfast cereal, bread and pastas), then sought to control my "cheat" days, I began eating more approved foods and finally got the cleanest sources of these (organic vegetables, grass fed beef, etc).   And so it has come to pass that I am nearly at the end of my food journey for the changes I need to make (go read About Us for what I eat).  Surely there will be some minor tweaks in the future but after 5 years of eating Primal/Paleo I'm fairly well situated.  Hell, I even work for a grass fed beef farm (Arrowhead Beef)!  I have drastically transformed my life in order to live and embody a more Paleo life, every single day.  

It's not just about food.

You see, food is not the only element to Paleo that we ascribe to.  The past year has seen many light bulbs flickering in our heads regarding what it means to live Paleo, beyond what we put in our mouths.  We are not about to expound upon all of these things here today, rather, give you a taste for what we have to offer in the future.

Being Paleo to us:

seeks to involve aspects of food beyond nutrition (sustainability, sourcing, etc), include our (i.e. humans') relationships with Mother Nature, our relationships with other humans and also with our own personal selves including on psychological, physical, spiritual, etc. levels, while also examining how we heal ourselves. In short, our transition to being Paleo will not be limited by the food we eat but allow for changes in all facets of how we live.  This is a constantly evolving process, one which we are only beginning.  

The first step for anyone is awareness.  The second step is action.

Welcome to our Paleo journey.

We are live!

We are officially up and running!!!!

The Caveman's Cupboard is pleased to tell the world that we exist out in the interweb and are ready and excited to meet our customers.